The present publication marks the first period of our activity as a think-tank specialized in international affairs along the Silk Road. It consists of seven reports – a selection of the best contributions of our experts from the past year – that deal with pressing issues of the moment, but which will – undoubtedly – shape the strategic environment in 2018. These are the problems of today, but the roots of tomorrow’s challenges.

Edited by our Senior Experts, Horia Ciurtin and Ion Josan, this edited volume comprises studies by most of our analysts on a variety of themes. From the Balkans, to the Middle East, Central Asia, China and Japan, we cover all that pertains to the (new) Silk Road.

Table of contents:

  1. Along the Silk Road: Russia, Turkey and the New (Chinese) Hegemon (Horia Ciurtin)
  2. The Limits of Iran’s Economic Growth after the JCPOA (Ion Josan)
  3. The Kurdish Conundrum (Răzvan Luca)
  4. The European Union’s Perennial Turkish Dilemma (Bogdan Mureșan)
  5. China’s Offering in the Western Balkans (Nani Klepo)
  6. The Abe Doctrine’s Future in a Challenging Security Environment (Ioana Petculescu)
  7. Chinese-Serbian Economic Cooperation: Sudden Wealth and a Game of Musical Chairs (Velimir Živković & Iva Živković)
  8. A (Legally) Turbulent Affair: The Textile Industry in Uzbekistan (Horia Ciurtin)

The volume can be downloaded here:


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