Looking East: A Precise Focus

DAVA | Strategic Analysis aims to offer its readers an alternative view of nowadays’ turbulent international scene. Building on interdisciplinary expertise that ranges from international relations, international law to world history, political science and macroeconomics, the DAVAstrat reports depict the manner in which cultural and structural coordinates influence the evolution of geopolitical dynamics.

More precisely, DAVA | Strategic Analysis shall cover a precise and limited geographical area, concentrating on polities that – roughly – stretch along the winding paths of the Silk Road. Starting from afar with Asia-Pacific, Central Asia, the Caucasus area and up to the Middle East, the Balkans and Eastern Europe nothing escapes our analytic glance. We are watching closely from the South China Sea to the Mediterranean, from the Caspian to the Sea of Okhotsk. We are looking East.

Exploring Hegemony: A Silk Road Affair

In this regard, DAVAstrat concentrates on those regions that are prone to strategic confrontation between hegemonic powers, revealing either the grand scale of such collisions or the covert nature of adversarial interaction. DAVAstrat addresses the strategic challenges of a common ‘periphery’ shared between China, Russia and the European Union. An atomized political space which has its own ascending players – such as Turkey, Iran and Kazakhstan – and rarely follows the rules of established great powers.

At DAVAstrat, we are looking East across Eurasia. We are always watching the transformations of this grand strategic ‘interval’ separating Europe from China and blocking Russia from properly projecting power southwards. While some hegemonic powers are declining, others are on the rise. Near and afar. And all tend to get involved in the complex permutations of the Eurasian landscape.

Beneficiaries and Reports

For this reason, our experts shall offer a comprehensive and integrated line of analysis – our ‘Analytic Briefs‘ – designed to benefit policy-makers, diplomats, strategic analysts, as well as private investors or companies that intend to conduct business in such a complicated environment.

Beside this traditional approach, we shall offer periodic assessments – ‘Mercantile Digests‘ – pertaining to the strategic challenges  that tend to impact the trade-and-investment field. In addition to the classical security and economic perspective, the DAVAstrat team shall survey the underlying cultural and religious phenomena of each area, helping in the proper calibration of a customized CSR strategy.

Our ‘On the Spot‘ reports cover most recent – and relevant – events occurring in the analyzed regions – in a brief but timely manner – keeping our readers informed of the latest evolutions, before they become actual threats. Not least, the DAVAstrat team keeps track of the latest publications about this area, offering reviews for the best – and worst – of them, while the Statistical Focus presents short notes that highlight a specific issue in an interactive graphical manner.

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