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Editorial Guidelines for Submissions

The DAVA editorial board welcomes any contribution that pertains to our thematic and geographical focus, as expressed here.

1. The author’s name and affiliation(s) should be clearly indicated.

2. The length of any material should be of approximately 1000-2000 words (with the exception of the ‘On the Spot’ reports which can be much shorter).

3. Footnotes should be avoided. Please use hyperlinks to relevant materials.

4. A standard unedited format should be used: Times New Roman, 12, 1 spacing, Align Text Left.

Republishing of any DAVA material should be accompanied by a proper mention of the original place of publication on the DAVA platform.

The Editorial Board reserves the right to refuse submissions or indicate modifications that should be incorporated.

Therefore, we welcome your submissions at contact@davastrat.org.