This area of the website contains detailed information about DAVA’s privacy policy and about the way in which our visitors’ personal data is collected, used or disclosed in any manner, either by us in a personal capacity, or via other Sites or Applications. Please read this privacy policy in order to understand our practice and the way in which your personal data is collected.

As a general rule,  DAVA | Strategic Analysis is a not for-profit platform and we do not seek to send advertising material to our visitors and subscribers. We do not wish to engage in marketing activity and will only send emails to our subscribers and only concerning the new content that appears on the website.

Nonetheless, the use of cookies by the hosting  might lead to a number of ads appearing on the website, an option over which DAVA, as a simple user of the hosting services, has no control. In any case, we are absolutely open to discussing any issues arising from our visitors’ and subscribers’ use of the website as regards their data and how it is processed and will respond as quickly as possible to any inquiry therein. 

Finally, it should also be mentioned that DAVA does not have control over all data processing taking place on the website as regards our visitors’ personal data. As mentioned earlier, for example, DAVA does not have control over cookie placement and the personal data processed therein.

What kind of data is collected by DAVA

As a general rule, we only collect your email address when you freely agree to share it with us so that we may send you updated information concerning our latest content. This is done only if you decide to subscribe to our mailing list. You retain full control over your subscription and may freely unsubscribe at any time.

As regards cookies (tracking technologies which are placed on your device and serve different purposes – ranging from necessary ones, which are tied to the functioning of the website services, to statistics or marketing ones), DAVA does not have control over the cookies that are placed on your device. As already mentioned, we use a web host that offers a platform of which DAVA is simply a user. DAVA is not the controller of cookie technologies that are used when you interact with the website.

Analytics services are used to track the manner in which the website is used. Such tools are used for statistical purposes and DAVA only receives statistical information.

If you have any request concerning your privacy or the use of your personal data or any other question, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try, to the best of our abilities, to respond to your request as soon as possible.