At the Far Ends of the Silk Road | A DAVA Review of 2017

The present publication marks the first period of our activity as a think-tank specialized in international affairs along the Silk Road. It consists of seven reports – a selection of the best contributions of our experts from the past year – that deal with pressing issues of the moment, but which will – undoubtedly – shape the strategic environment in 2018. These are the problems of today, but the roots of tomorrow’s challenges. Read more ...

Launch of DAVA | Strategic Analysis: We Are Looking East

Our platform is designed to offer insight in nowadays’ most turbulent international affairs from multiple angles: strategic, geoeconomic, political, cultural and religious. It is an integrated vision upon the crises that rage across Eurasia. And upon tensions that are accumulating in this part of the world. From the Pacific to the Mediterranean and from the East China Sea to the Black Sea, we are watching closely. From China to the Balkans, through Central Asia and the Middle East, we follow the troubled paths of the new Silk Road(s).