Velimir Zivkovic is a postdoctoral fellow within the Research Group “The international rule of law – Rise or Decline?“ at Humboldt University Berlin. He is currently finishing his PhD in Law at the London School of Economics on the topic of normative reimagining of international investment arbitration as a tool to enhance the national rule of law.

He graduated cum laude from undergraduate (2008) and LL.M studies (2009) at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law, before completing Magister Juris studies at the University of Oxford (University College) in 2011, with Distinction and Best Overall MJur Performance Proxime Accessit prize.

From 2012 he has been an Associate Researcher at the Institute of Comparative Law in Belgrade, where he is still a foreign-affiliated researcher. Other activities include consultancy positions for World Bank and Swiss government projects on improving the rule of law in South-East Europe.

Selected publications

– ‘A Proposal for a New Normative Approach to Investment Arbitration and the National Rule of Law’, Strani pravni život (Foreign Legal Life), Vol. 4/2015.

– ‘Rethinking Interested Parties in ISDS: The case of 3rd States’, Kluwer Arbitration Blog, 3 December 2015, interested- parties-in-isds-the-case-of-3rd-states/

– ‘Recognition of Contracts as Investments in International Investment Arbitration’, European Journal of Legal Studies – Volume 5, Issue 1, Spring/Summer 2012.

– ‘Contracts, Treaties and Umbrella Clauses: Some Jurisdictional Issues in International Investment Arbitration’, The Annals of the Faculty of Law in Belgrade – Belgrade Law Review International Edition 2012.

– ‘Building Private Enforcement from Scratch – The Serbian Example’, Competition Law Review, Volume 8, Issue 3, 2012.

– ‘Hardship in French, English and German Law’, Strani pravni zivot (Foreign Legal Life) – Review of the Institute of Comparative Law in Belgrade, Vol. 1/2013.